Benefits of Mini Dental Implants Longwood, FL

Ilya V. Freyman, DMD, PA, who completed his D.D.S training from the The University of Florida College of Dentistry, would like to share with you the enormous benefits of using mini dental implants. Dr. Freyman specialized dental clinic utilizes state-of-the-art dental equipment that ensures both quality treatments and quality results. Mini dental implants are quickly becoming a very popular option for replacing missing, broken and damaged teeth. Many patients of Ilya V. Freyman, DMD, PA have carried out these treatments and have experienced a completely new feeling of confidence; not only are everyday tasks such as eating, drinking and talking easier, but an enhanced smile also makes for increased self esteem. Patients can now go out and talk to people freely and eat whatever they want without any restrictions.

Mini dental implants are the very base and support for the exterior prosthetic tooth. They hold the artificial tooth/ denture in place. The mini dental implant is essentially a small titanium rod that is fixed in the jaw bone with the help of a minor surgery, after which it becomes a strong support to hold dentures in place permanently. Mini dental implants are made of titanium because they fuse with the jaw-bone very fast and have a very low risk of rejection. The mini dental implants take about four to five months to heal according to the age and condition of the patient. During this time a temporary denture or crown will be placed in order to protect the implant while it is in the healing period.

After the mini dental implant has healed it is permanently fused with the jawbone. The dentures are molded in the dentist's lab and placed on top of the mini dental implant by the dentist at a later stage. This follows some normal procedures of sealing and inclination, after which you will have a permanent tooth that will look no different than any of your other teeth.

Mini dental implants are very beneficial because unlike dentures they are solid. They do not come out of place every time you eat or talk. Unlike traditional dentures, mini dental implants make you look and feel great.